United the food industry stands

05-Dec-2013 - By Jenni Spinner+
Consultant Hank Moore said Wisconsin's dairy companies provide a shining example of competitors coming together for the good of the whole industry.
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Building partnerships is the best way for food and beverage professionals to succeed, according to one business expert.

Corporate strategist Hank Moore addressed the Midwest Food Processors Association (MWFPA) 2013 conference on trends, challenges and strategies for food firms, and on how partnerships can help make the difference between survival and thriving.

Trends and challenges

Moore told that the most impactful trends in the food and beverage industry right now include health/wellness products, serving the needs of an aging population, globalization and portion control.

Regarding the latter, Moore pointed toward New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to regulate soft-drink sizes as a chance for industry members to unite to inform the public and promote their interests.

Crisis precipitates change,” he said. “You’ve got the ability to move forward.”

Collaboration is key

Moore said that by working together through industry associations and collaborating with peers in the industry, food and beverage industry professionals can help elevate their businesses. He pointed toward the Wisconsin Dairy Business Association’s efforts to bring member companies together to improve their position in the market.

The organization worked together to develop global business strategies that will take the organization, and its members, into a much better position,” he said.

Moore also told FPD that as with any business, the demands and challenges the food and beverage industry faces are constantly fluctuating. However, facing such obstacles can be a good thing.

 “Change is 90% positive,” he said. “Whether it’s ultimately for the good or the bad depends on you.”

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