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Texture Technologies expansion meets booming demand

10-Dec-2013 - By Jenni Spinner+
Texture Technologies is consolidating its service center and machine shop to better service clients looking for analyzers and accessories.
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Texture Technologies Corp. has expanded and consolidated its facilities to help meet demand for food texture analysis gear.

The firm's service center has been opened in New York and collocated with the company’s machine shop. Bringing the two together, according to representatives, will help improve service to clients looking for its TA.XTPlus texture analyzer and other systems.

Texture Technologies president Marc Johnson said the streamlined facility will help the company provide faster, more efficient service to clients looking for texture analyzers, probes and fixtures.

By collocating our service center with our machine shop, we can turn all customer orders incredibly fast,” he said.

The TA.XTPlus line of texture analyzers come with the ability to add on customized probes and rigs. Having the service center and machine shop in one location speeds the service and decreases client downtime, Johnson said.

The ability to request a customized probe to address a particular testing challenge and then have that customized piece in hand quickly is of extreme value,” he said.

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