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Seneca Foods to purchase Allens for $148m

19-Dec-2013 - By Jenni Spinner+
Allens Inc., being acquired by Seneca Foods, offers a range of canned fruit and vegetables.
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Seneca Foods Corp. is offering $148m to snap up Allens Inc., which entered bankruptcy this year.

Seneca Foods, a processor specializing in canned fruits and vegetables, has entered into a purchase agreement that would cover all the assets of Allens Inc. The transaction is subject to approval through the US bankruptcy court.

With the transaction, Seneca Foods would substantially broaden its canned food offerings. While Seneca already offers a broad range of vegetables in canned packaging, Allens products include a number of ethnic and specialty items that Seneca currently does not produce.

Seneca Foods is a processor with a number of canned vegetable brands, including Libby’s, Aunt Nellie’s and Seneca Frozen. In addition to its retail offerings, the processor offers a range of edibles to the foodservice industry.

The primary focus of Allens is canned vegetables. Its brands include Popeye spinach, Freshlike vegetables, and Princella yams.

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