Food flavoring equipment offers even, efficient seasoning

10-Dec-2013 - By Jenni Spinner+
TNA's intelli-flav CLO systems are designed for consistent, efficient seasoning application.
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TNA has launched a closed-loop oiler designed for accurate, even application of oil on a range of foods.

The intelli-flav CLO series of closed-loop oiler (CLO) machines is intended for flavoring foods in tumble drums. According to the manufacturer, the equipment capabilities offers features that help boost consistency of seasoning application.

The latest model, the intelli-flav CLO 3, uses coriolis mass-flow measurement, closed feedback loop, and an increased number of spray guns (allowing for variety of application rates). The combination of features delivers regular, even seasoning coverage, according to the manufacturer.

Efficiency and cost conservation

David Woollard, seasoning group sales manager for tna, said the intelli-flav CLO systems are geared toward food manufacturers looking to up their efficiency, and conserve material consumption and costs.

“In snacks manufacturing, for example, oil is often one of their highest financial outlays,” he said. “The intelli-flav CLO offers a spraying system which enables them to not just control the levels of oil application for optimum product quality but also ensure what is sprayed is applied in an accurate way, exactly where it should be.”

Woollard added that the company’s latest CLO machine can be used for main-line seasoning, or in on-machine systems.

Guarding shelf life

The tna intelli-flav CLO 3 has an air filtration system that is said to ensure that 99.9% of the air in a manufacturing facility air is clean and dry. This capability helps eliminate ambient moisture, which could reduce a product’s shelf life.

The CLO system’s FQT spray-gun air atomizing and airless nozzles are capable of operating at ranges from 6kg/hr to 250kg/hr.

Additionally, the intelli-flav CLO line of machines is designed to be operator-friendly, the company said. Users can simply select a recipe, and the system is soon after ready to run.

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