FDA, Kodak, and Sealed Air join intelligent packaging event

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The AIPIA Congress, which will tackle a range of smart and active packaging issues, will feature presentations by the FDA, Eastman Kodak, and other experts.
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The AIPIA Congress will feature presentations by packaging, food, and government representatives to hammer out ways smart packaging can promote traceability, product security, sustainability, and more.

With the theme “Profiting from Active and Intelligent Packaging,” the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) Congress will tackle areas of smart packaging technologies with an eye toward commercialization and boosting food and packaging companies’ bottom line.

Smart interest

AIPIA executive director Eef de Ferrante said the meeting’s lineup of big names is reflective of the growing interest in and importance of smart packaging.

The importance of the active and intelligent packaging agenda is clearly demonstrated by the quality and quantity of speakers,” he said. “Congress has already established a reputation for covering the key issues and developments.

The programming of the event (collocated with PACK EXPO International in Chicago November 2-4) will cover nanotechnology, traceability, smart labels, anti-counterfeiting, and other technologies. The purpose of the lineup is to educate attendees on the possibilities tied to smart packaging for brand owners, retailers, and consumers.

The event also will discuss the capabilities of smart packaging products in cutting food waste and extending shelf life. In addition, the Congress Forum (scheduled November 2) will outline a range of research projects in the field.

Industry players

On November 3, a high-level representative of the FDA (to be named) will give an overview of research on nanoscience in food packaging. From the packaging sphere, Keith Cutri (Eastman Kodak’s director of business development for brand protection) will talk about the company’s advances in anti-counterfeiting advances, and a Sealed Air executive will discuss shelf-life extending methods.

de Ferrante said with brand owners increasingly interested in active packaging, the market is primed for packaging and processing companies to get into the technology.

Major brand owners are clearly ready to invest heavily in active and intelligent packaging; some already have,” he said. “There is real momentum building and we believe our event is well placed to take full advantage of this.”

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