Packaging differentiation 'a key point' for yogurt brands: Arcil

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Interview of Vincent Altazin - Senior Area Sales Manager, Arcil
Packaging differentiation 'a key point' for yogurt brands: Arcil
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Vincent Altazin from Synerlink/Arcil tells how its integrated AP Sleever will enable yogurt manufacturers and brand-owners to differentiate their products while keeping costs low.

Synerlink (the US subsidiary of French company Arcil) counts US yogurt giants Dannon and Chobani as customers, and launched the AP Sleever, a sleeving machine for filled cups, at Interpak 2014 in Dusseldorf last week.

The machine was designed and developed by Arcil's robotics business Aprium Technology for integration into existing form-fill-seal lines. By incorporating the sleeving process, manufacturers can save floor space, reduce material requirements, and cut labor, while setting their product apart from others, the company claims.

"We want to take advantage of the form-fill-seal, which is already very well known to produce very low cost cups. But we want to keep that advantage with a very low cost cup but to add to that customized cup. Higher-end cups give more differentiation on the market," said Vincent Altazin, who is senior area sales manager at Synerlink/Arcil, pictured left alongside his colleague, application engineer John Negus.

"Differentiation is a key point for the marketing people of our customers because it is a way to promote their product," Altazin, said, in this podcast recorded at Interpack.

"With the prices today, with the price of oil going up...they need also to generate some savings to keep that competitive advantage," he added.

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