HEUFT reveals industry X-Ray first and Stargate-SG1 actress tie-up

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HEUFT reveals industry X-Ray first and Stargate-SG1 actress tie-up
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Martina Frey, product manager, HEUFT InLineII IXS, explains why the bottle inspection machine breaks ground, while the firm unveiled a unique tie-up with Stargate-SG1 actress Amanda Tapping.

Speaking to Ben Bouckley at Drinktec 2013 in Munich, Frey explains that brands using both one-way and returnable bottles are increasingly interested in such inspection solutions.

Using X-Ray technology, HEUFT’s new machine (pictured) is even able to detect glass in glass when the transparent foreign body is surrounded by residual liquid.

HEUFT says it is the only system to combine optical and pulsed X-Ray detection technologies, and its NaVi user guidance system – also used on other machines presented at Drinktec – features Tapping as ‘chief navigator’ who gives users step-by-step voices instructions on system operations.

(English-born Canadian actress Tapping, pictured – who stars as Samantha Carter in television series Stargate SG-1 - was present at the show in person as the guest of HEUFT.)

Frey insists that the cost of a potentially costly recall outweighs the price of the InLineII IXS: “That’s absolutely clear. We have a lot of customers saying ‘no consumer complaints – no recalls’.

“Any recall costs them a lot of money and a lot of image in the market. One glass splinter that we find on the line with this machine helps brands avoid such situations,” Frey adds.

HEUFT’s machine uses servo motors to drive its conveyor so that the inspection covers the container volume completely, with an adjustable angle of rotation used for each container type.

Servo use also reduces the number of components that are prone to wear and increases product changeover speed.

(Amanda Tapping, Picture Credit: AlacoolB/Flickr)

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